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Degen Zoo

Disclaimer: Degen Zoo is a charity hobby project. Non of the information here is financial advise or should be taken as a recommendation of investment or purchase. The entire project is attempted to be built in 30 days. After completion, the project will be entirely community managed. 

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Total Token Supply


Tokens constantly get locked from people hatching their eggs. The early killing of NFTs will burn the locked tokens. 

Initial Marketcap


The initial marketcap might still change but will be around $300,000 USD. Approximately 20% of the Total token supply will be unlocked on TGE.

Fully Diluted Valuation


DZoo tokens will be sold at a valuation of $2M. Community members can earn whitelists by helping the project during the 30-day growth period. 

Initial Collection Size


NFTs are gradually unlocked over time. Staking 200k DZOO for 10 days yields up to 3 EGGs. Breeding two animals will mint one new NFT and burn two parents. NFT supply rapidly falls over time.  

Total Budget


The total budget for the entire project is $20k. Raised fund are used for liquidity of the token and the NFT collection and profits are given to endangered animal charities around the world.

Days to Deliver


Degen Zoo is a charity non profit project that is/has been built in 30 days. The timeline is tight to showcase that Logan Paul has massively overstepped his own timeline due a criminal level of incompetence.

Whitepaper v1

To learn more check out the whitepaper or join our community on Telegram

How to Play

Discover the exciting world of Degen Zoo, a mathematical staking game in which you level up NFT animals to earn more yield.


Cash in your profits by "burning" the NFT and killing your animals. Once all 24,000 animals have been burned, the game starts over with a new collection. Join us now to experience this thrilling game and earn big rewards.

1. Stake Token

Players stake tokens to earn eggs. There are animals 45,000 in total.  As the game progresses, obtaining eggs becomes increasingly difficult.

2. Hatch Eggs

Stake tokens to hatch an egg and reveal an animal from our collection of 120 species. Each creature comes with a unique APR ranging from -76% to 500%!

3. Evolve NFTs

NFTs can grow stronger by eating another animal. Evolving will burn the smaller NFT and increase the APR of the heavier animal. Each NFT can be evolved twice. Smart evolution can yield massive returns. 

4. Killing NFTs

In our game, killing animals unlocks tokens within NFTs. Mature animals hold more tokens, but killing them increases the rarity of their species. Strategize your moves and decide if the risk is worth the reward.

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Degen ZOo

Burning NFTs to Save Animals

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