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We built Degen Zoo in 30 days!

Day 0: The Challange

Week 1: Building the Base

Day 1: The first Tweet

CryptoPoo was supposed to be a joke project to show how full of Shit Logan Paul is, but it became so much more.

Day 3: Tech Architecture

Planning is 80% of the work, therefore we started right away with designing the smart contract architecture

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Day 5: Domain & Liteppaer

People needed to learn about us so the first thing we needed is a website and a whitepaper. We finished both in 5 days

Started as a Joke

Our socials started blowing up and the community wanted us to build something more serious.

"Lets use crypto and NFTs to simulate how capitalism is killing animals"

Lets build something meaningful

We decided to double down and build world-class crypto game in 30 days


Day 6:

Redefining NFT Gaming

The community wanted something more serious so we worked day and night and finished all of the UI and concept in less than a week.

Over 100 collabs

Crypto is all about game theory, marketing, and community. We built the most robust game theory. Week 2 was all about building community & awareness 

Chris DAO Maker

Founder of Degen Zoo and DAO Maker. Chris has built several billion-dollar coins/tokens.

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Kaue MakerDAO

Kaue is leading all smart contract developments of Degen Zoo. As ex-Senior MakerDAO lead he is one of the best solidity guys in the space

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Alex DAO Maker

Alex is the CTO of DAO Maker the reason why Degen Zoo managed to keep its 30 day timeline.  

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Riz Zeno

Riz is well-known in the NFT space. He runs a big part of the marketing at Degen Zoo and is responsible for all NFT outreach

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Game theory and Simulation Modeling

Day 7: Showing the team

Nothing better than a whiteboard explainer. At the time we still had bred feature however the game concept was more or less finished.

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Day 13: Inflation Simulation

Most tokens are garbage and overinflate to death in a few weeks. We had to simulate everything to make sure all makes sense.

Day 20

Development started! Good products are 70% planning and 30% building

Day 30: Public Testnet

Only hours before the deadline our team finally released our public testnet version 1. All smart contracts and frontend features were delivered in 30 days.

Audits, IDO & Testing

Day 37: Testnet V2

We launched our Testnet v2 and after few days already reached 20,000 transactions and 1000 active players. 

Day 44: IDO Launch

Our IDO had 50,000 connected wallets with over $400M TVL in it. After 24 hrs already $84M were reached!

Day 50: Fixing Bugs 

Audits firms came back with the vulnerability reports. We mainly worked on improving the teach. IDO reached 50k wallets. 

100k Participant IDO

After 8 days our IDO reached 100k plus signed wallets with over 700M USD in the them collectively! 

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